Pain tool in key editor

Is it gone? Just decided to update to 5.5.2 seeing the new support efforts and cant find the paint tool. Used to right click, hold and hover over drop down arrow on draw tool in the key editor. Now no where to be found. Also not getting the slice tool. Can anyone put me in the right direction? Thx. (paint tool to draw multiple midi notes while dragging mouse)

(presuming that your typo in the topic header isn’t a request for some S&M function :mrgreen: )…
The Paint tool is indeed still there, but it is under the Line tool, not the Pencil tool.
By “Slice” do you mean “split”? The scissors are right there! (and there’s also a knife for trimming lengths).

lol thx for the reply. But no drop down under the line tool or any tool for that matter. Is there a preference setting that effects this? And there was a “slice” tool which sliced in diagonal lines.

Got the knife(trim) known as slice to myself lol. But no paintbrush.

ok ok got it. Not available on right click unti selected from the tool bar at the top. lol thx.

Such features used to abound in Steinberg products and support until they recently altered their customer service philosophy.