Painful installation process - Dorico Elements 2

Hi, as a happy Dorico 2 user I recommended Dorico as a notation software of the future for one friend of mine. She purchased Dorico Elements but she couldn’t manage to install it properly. I thought as a Dorico user starting with 1.0 I would help her quite quickly, but after 1,5 hours of frustration I decided to ask for your help.

As I open Dorico assistant, I was able to find under Dorico Elements 4 items. I downloaded them and installed successfully. Then I saw on her Desktop an icon Dorico 2. I was expecting to see something like Dorico Elements 2, but I thought, probably Elements is the same program just some functions are deactivated. As I tried to register a license, I was asked to give 8 groups of ####, but her license has 5 groups of #####. So it could not be successful. eLicenser prompted me to download a newer version from Steinberg website. Done, installed- no success. I deinstalled Dorico completely using Dorico installer and installed it again. No success. Such confusion is not a best experience for a new customers. I am still not sure if I downloaded Dorico 2 or Dorico Elements 2. Can it be, that Dorico Download assistant under Dorico Elements downloads Dorico 2 (Pro) instead??? Please help to understand…

Dorico Elements and Dorico Pro are indeed the same actual executable with the same installer, and it is the activation code you enter into eLicenser Control Center that determines whether it runs as Dorico Pro or Dorico Elements.

You need two install only two things: “Dorico Elements 2 Application Installer” and “Dorico 2.2 Playback 1 – HALion Sonic SE 3”.

As for the activation code, I’m afraid that somewhat confusingly you receive a thing called a Download Access Code (DAC), which must be redeemed online to obtain the necessary activation code. The piece of paper that the DAC is printed on tells you to go to to obtain the activation code.

The reason that we supply a DAC rather than an activation code is so that, in the event that somebody buys Dorico Elements 2 (say) from a shop after Dorico Elements 3 has come out, they will automatically receive an activation code for the latest version, rather than getting a code for Dorico Elements 2 and then having to get a new code for the update to Dorico Elements 3.

Thank you Daniel for such a quick and helpful response. I will give a next try again:)

Thank you again for your help - an installation was successful

Great, glad your friend is up and running now.