Painfully slow scrolling in project window

This isn’t new to N10, but how do you all deal with dragging a track from the bottom of a large project to the top without collapsing all your lanes and folder first. It’s embarassing having to watch it all scrooooooll up for 30 seconds as you move it to the top…

Any work arounds?

Yes - it’s brutal. Bugs me every single day I use Nuendo.

I constantly work with the project window split top to bottom. I leave a small portion only a couple of tracks wide at the top. Since this is the way I work constantly I found the below method works well.

  1. Drag the track directly to the top split section.

  2. Scroll the main window ( bottom) to reveal where you want to put the track you are moving.

  3. Drag the track to the position you want it

My workflow constantly includes a small split window at the very top of the project. I find this gives me many options including the one I described above. If you work that way moving tracks becomes simple and fast no matter how large the project is.

Thanks Getalife2. I’ll try that out. What other options does that split open up for you?

  1. I keep my master output bus track(s) in that top split section. That provides quick access to the channel for looking at insert settings for my bus EQ/compression.

  2. I print mixes in real time due to external processing on some tracks and the master bus. My template includes destination record tracks for final mixes also in that top split section. Again, I only keep the top section 2 or 3 tracks in height. But it’s very quick to scroll to the desired mix destination for the various versions I need to do and still be able to address the multi-tracks in the bottom section

  3. I find it generally useful to effectively lock any specific track I’m focused on working on in place just by dragging it above that divider line. Let’s say I’m editing a track that relates in time or melody to various other tracks whether it be drums or something else. I can basically make any two tracks adjacent for comparison or editing quickly by “locking” one immediately above the split. All I have to do to look at any other track side-by-side is scroll the bottom portion of the project window.

That’s just some of the things I found useful but that’s just my way of working so it may not be helpful to anyone else. Saves time for me for sure.

If I ever meet you, I will buy you a beer. Thanks!

Getalife2 : Thanks a lot again! It’s not the first time you give a nice advice! It seems like you’re the man that knows things right :wink:

You’re welcome!

Makes me happy when I can help. I’ve been doing this a long time now and music has been very good to me. It’s a joy to give back when I can.