Palette Gear as Remote For Dorico

Hey everybody,

does anybody of you use the great controllers of Palette to remote control plug-ins in Dorico? I’m using it to draw my automations for my spitfire plug-ins in Kontakt 5 in Dorico and have some very big stability problems. At the end Palette crahes Dorico/my computer every time when using it with Dorico.
Any advice or experience shared with me is more than welcome.
I really do love Palette and it’s a pity that it seems not possible to use it with Dorico.

We don’t have any of these devices here in-house to test with. Can you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here so we can take a look at the crash logs?

Can you clarify what you mean by ‘crashes my computer’?

Hey Paul and Daniel,
thanx so much for your answers. I’m quite sure that this isn’t a problem of Dorico. The Palette Gear is originally made for photographers and I think that’s a bit the problem. There are certain CC numbers which are not accepted by Dorico. For example if I assign one of the Palette sliders to CC 2, I get the following:

If I take CC16, I get the following:

On the other hand it works perfectly with other CCs, like for example CC7:

I de-installed everything and installed the newest sofware of palette again and since then I only have the CC number problems but no crashes so far…