Pan automation bug

Hi, I’m on Windows 10 Cubase 11.0.41. I’m mixing now and I have a track with a pan automation (of, say L75) that ends at, say, bar 100 (i.e., after bar 100, I intentionally defined the automation to no longer be effective by specifying “terminator=yes”) When I play later bars (e.g., bar 110) then the panning starts (as expected) at L75. Then if I manually (during the playback) move the panning to a different position (say, R) by moving the pan slider using the mouse (either in the mixer or in the project window - by clicking the mouse and dragging the pan fader to the right) then the track audio moves to the right (as expected), but the moment I release the mouse button, the signal audio goes back to L75 (that’s what I’m clearly hearing) while the fader itself still shows R(!) (both in the mixer and in the project window). I tried a different track in that specific project and was able to recreate the very same behavior. I just moved recently from Cubase 10 where I don’t recall having such an issue.

I would expect to be able to modify the panning (e.g., to the right) and release the mouse and still hear the sound coming from the new pan position (e.g., R). For sure, I’m not expecting the visual indication to say “R” and the sound to come from L75…

Will appreciate any advice.



Are you in Write or in Read Automation mode, when you play the project back and change the value via mouse, please? Is it related to the terminator=yes? If you change this, does it work other way?

Hi Martin,
Regarding your first question - obviously I’m in read-automation mode (otherwise my modifications would have modified the automation).
Regarding your second question - if I make the last automation point be terminator=“NO” then everything works “as expected” - i.e., dragging the pan with the mouse temporarily change the panning (as well as the visual indication) and once I release the mouse, both the sound and the visual indication immediately go back to the automated value.


When you release the mouse, are you already behind bar 100? So are you behind the termination node?

Yes exactly. In fact I’m already behind bar 100 (the terminator point) even before I press the mouse in the first place. I actually started the playback at a point which is after bar 100…

EDIT 1 - Maybe another comment - it seems to be specific to the pan automation. For example, the level fader works as expected in a similar scenario.

EDIT 2 - I’m not sure if it’s relevant but please note that this is a project I started with Cubase 10.0.something (possibly 10.0.50)


Then it works as expected. Because in this “blind” area, you can change the pan “on the fly” and Cubase’s Panners ignore the settings. Then, once you get another automation node, the Panner jump to the new value.

Btw, it works the very same with another parameters. You can test it with Volume, for example.

Hi no I think you missed the essence of my report, and for sure it works differently than it worked in cubase 10…

Let me try to re-describe and please let me know if it makes sense: After the termination point, I’m changing on the fly, and the changes happens (for example from L75 to R) - both visually and audio-wise. However, when I release the mouse, and I’m still in the “blind area”, the visual indication remains “R”, but the sound itself “jumps back” to L75. I would expect the sound itself to remain “R”.

There is a clear bug that the visual indication and the sound do not match. Furthermore, there is a clear behavior bug, as I would have expected the sound to remain “R”.

Please let me know if it makes sense. It is a clear bug, and I mat have not necessarily described it clear enough.