Pan before Sends?

I JUST realized today that panning is separate from sends. Doesn’t that change the way your reverb sounds if you have it on a send?

I am not sure if this is intentional or not, but I was originally under the impression that sends follow channel panning. They do not by default, or at least in my version of Cubase.

So what you do is:

Click on your audio track
Click the little “e” (to edit channel settings)
The track’s channel settings will then pop up
Right click somewhere (other than the eq)
Go to “Customize View”
Then enable “Send Routing”

From there you can edit the pan setting for the send.

Also, it depends how you are using the reverb, sometimes you might want to follow channel pan, other times you might want to have a different setting.


Doesn’t that change the way your reverb sounds if you have it on a send?

This depends on the behaviour of the specific Reverb plugin - a lot of reverbs don’t process the L and R inputs separately but sum the L & R inputs before processing, so panning the send makes no difference anyway (disallowing any panning law inconsistencies…). Plates and chambers (or emulations thereof) are often fed from a single source, for example, so would treat the input as mono for authenticity.

Some reverbs allow some nominal control over the ‘placement’ of the source in the plugin UI (e.g. Sonnox Oxford Reverb, UAD RealVerb-Pro).

If you do want the send panning to follow the channel panning, there is an option for just this in the VST section of the Prefs.

thanks for the input guys I will look into it