Pan control in inspector not working

Bug: I can mute, solo, and adjust the level for audio and instrument tracks from the inspector, but often, i cannot change the pan. Clicking on it does nothing. I can pan in the mixer and of course if i open the channel settings window. Is this yet another bug i’ve found on mac or is this normal? If i close and restart cubase then it’s fixed, but after some time the issue happens again
Cubase 13.0.20 Pro (Apple Silicon Mode)
Ventura 13.5 using dual 27 inch screens on a Mac Studio Ultra M1.


Are you talking about the Inspector or about the Channel?

Be aware the Channel shows the source Instrument Track, even if you select the Audio Return Automation track in the Project window.

The inspector. If I close Cubase and re open the session then it’s fine, the pan works as expected (I use a lot of automation, but I don’t know what a return automation track is)

post a picture, easier to be on the same page.
80% of the time when someone claims bug here, it’s a user error/lack of knowledge.

Will do, it’s been happening for a week or so, it’s pretty annoying, restart Cubase and it’s fixed, ill do a screen grab for sure :+1:

It is strange that its fixed when restarting, but I do recall in the past some channels could end up “dead” , just made a new track and moved stuff, but that’s a long time ago.


You could try to reinstall Cubase. If you are on Windows, install it as administrator, please.

As my post said, i’m on Mac…

But i have to be honest, i’ve had more issues on Mac, lots of little bugs and quirks, so i’ll probably go back to Windows soom. I do enjoy MacOS tho. I use Cubase full time every day as a job, so i notice all the details…i miss the true dual screen support (i can’t stretch a cubase window to span across both monitors for example, on mac it’s either one screen or the other), also, often the mouse pointer won’t change shape when i put the mouse in between tracks to make one bigger - the function still works, but the mouse pointer won’t change to let you know you are in the right spot, same with grabbing an audio event handle to drag it out or do a crossfade)… MacOS may be to blame here too, i’m not pointing the finger at Steinberg.