Pan control please Steinberg

Hi there Steinberg,

Could you please put a pan control in the mapping area if it’s possible??

There is the perfect space for it on the right next to the gain control & would mean that you could control level & pan for each sample if using a multi sample preset/set-up, without leaving the page.

Thank you & kind regards, Codsworth :smiley:

I have never thought of looking into this myself, but what a brilliant idea. Anything to simplify the workflow is in high demand, in my books. I would love to be able to set level and pan to each zone in the mapping area itself, instead of having to jump to the zone page to do such things.

Huge +1 here.

Perhaps you should enter this into the top, feature request section?

Déjà vu

Hello mate, hope ur ok. Where’s the top feature request section please?

Hahaha! Nearly the same date too! Nearly exactly two years ago! :slight_smile:

Hi there ♫♪♫♪, how did you stumble across this then?

When this was requested in the past I was surprised it wasn’t there already. So I remembered there where previous posts on this matter.

Haha! Nice one! :slight_smile:

hehe, that is funny actually, same reply by me too! It is strange how this wasn’t yet incorporated.

btw, feature requests…

Hi mate, ive added it, any chance you could say something too or +1 it please?

Cheers :smiley:

done! Thanks for bringing this up to attention again!

Thanks very much :smiley: