Pan Law issue

Hello guys, this is Jack, I found that I have some problems about pan setting , would you guys please help me to solve it?
Thanks in advanced.
I am a cubase 6.5 user, and I have been using cubase about 4years, the issue is, when I switch the pan setting to -6db, -3b etc , it’s seems not work properly, seems nothing enabled,.
For example, I chose -6db pan stetting, when I trying to move the channel pan option , from hard left , then center, then hard right , the volume meter did show any signal increase, just occur decrease , I have so confuse of that thing , I have do a lot of search on Google , also I have read the manual , but still cannot get the answer , so would you please help on this issue , thanks again!!!

My demo video:

someone’s cubase pan law explain video:

sorry about the video quality, about my video capture, you can see, i have a simple sine wave stereo track, i set the pan law to -6db, then play that audio, when try to pan left to right, its seems something weird, the volume meter just only drop at one side, do not increase at the other side, compare with the second youtube video, you can see the difference, am i have something goes wrong or i am doing some stupid thing that a don’t know…hope you guys can help to solve this issue, thank you so much!


Try this.
Set pan law to -3dB
Make a mono track of a 1Khz or whatever sine.
pan hard left or hard right
Look at output meters (master outs)
Track meter and master out meter should read the same
Now pan track to middle
Master out should now read 3dB less than track meter.

Reason being that the idea is to maintain an equal volume from speakers when panning. Obviously when both speaker are used the sound will be louder (2 speakers playing the same thing) rather than one speaker(when hard panned). The “pan law” determines the amount of “gain reduction” applied to a center panned signal at the output.

If you think about it, the flaw in your test is that you are using a stereo track. You have two signals, one panned hard left and the other hard right, “Stereo”. The standard panner as shown in your video is only dropping the signal of either the left or right channel. As explained above, a hard panned signal will not be influenced by the pan law.

As far as that other video is concerned, I’m afraid that the dude presenting it fails to understand the “pan law”
He incorrectly states that the tracks get boosted when panned hard left or right.
The hard panned level is actually the true level of his track. When panned center the level is actually reduced by the amount stated by the “pan law” That is why the range in the pan law is stated as a reduction, eg. -3dB or -6dB NOT +3dB or +6dB
Also… you will notice he is using a mono track but with the fader level set to show post panner thus showing two scales, the left and right post panner feed to the master bus.

Hope that helps.

Thank you so much for your reply and your clear, detailed explanation. Everything is understood now and the issue has been solved.