pan normaliser

have just downloaded wave lab 8 trial.
than going on youtube for tutorials.

here they show to use global analysis n find errors in the audio.
for eg.
with the audio in left n right channel being at different levels…
it is suggested in the video to us pan normlaizer to correct this - in process tab.

somehow this is not here on the software - no pan normalizer ?

Please help
Thank you

Audio File Workspace > Process > Pan Normalizer

tis not here — already seeing that on the youtube tutorial … this is my next step & tis not here… so am downloading 8.5
would you like a screen shot of my window here in wave lab 8? process> no pan normalizer! why?

I would think a screen shot of where you are looking would be helpful.

Are you perhaps looking in the audio montage section rather than the Audio Edit section? Are you using Wavelab Full or Elements? I’ve never used Elements but maybe it’s a Full-only feature.

Hay jperkinski

Thank you for the quick response.
This is from Wavelab elements 8 - trial -
tis supposed to be a fully functional trial for 30 days - in this case ending on 8 Aug 2015.
Am looking at videos to learn to utilize the software.
Here is where pan normaliser would be very helpful.
According to the videos trials are fully functional.

You are trying WaveLab Elements, the small version of WaveLab. Try WaveLab to get the Pan Normalizer.

Hi Phillippe / PG

Thank you. wow. been watching so many videos.
There is video of Wavelab elements 7 that also has pan normalizer shown in the tutorial.
Did not know that the elements 8 version does not have pan normalizer.
Please can you suggest or do you know which version 8 or 8.5 should aye download and is it free n fully functional trial?

When aye find the software useful, will pay for it beyond 30 days.

Thank you all for this quick n immense help.

Equinatural, you need a USB-key to have the full version of Wavelab functional - even as a trial. The one you can directly download is the Elements version of WL. Here is the page with both versions - full WL is on the lower part of the page.
And videos in the public domain can often be misleading in their title or otherwise, to put it mildly…

Hi Arjan

So, without this usb dongle, it is not possible to use wavelab trial either?
How strange, how is it a trial than?

Yeah that’s true, you need the USB-key. It’s still a trial, since the USB-key is not WL specific and can be used for many more software products. All Steinberg ones but also some others. If you don’t have one already you indeed need to get one (€20) to try out full WL…