Pan question (using cc 10)

Is the pan-settings controlled by MIDI CC10 not visible to the user?

If for instance I’m using the Auto LFO (cc 10) to control the pan and then I decide that’s not what I want so I turn off the Auto LFO, then it’s most likely that the sound from Retrologue is now out of center or at a place in the stereo image I don’t prefer. How do I reset the pan? Tweaking the pan knob in the amp section does not help.

On Windows you can right click the Pan Knob to Learn CC, Forget CC, Set Min and Max and Enable the Mod Wheel. Don’t know what the equivalent mouse gesture is on a Mac. Maybe something in that menu would work? :slight_smile:

Hi – thanks for taking the time to write an answer. I’m aware of the procedure you are describing and normally I’m doing it this way, or I’m using Retrologue’s internal modulation sources (LFO1 and LFO2) for this purpose. My question was just of curiosity. While I was checking if the Auto LFO will be an adequate alternative as a modulation source for Retrologue, I discovered that sending a MIDI cc10 was controlling a parameter that is not visible in Retrologue’s GUI and I want a confirmation that have understood this correctly.

As you read in my previous post, if turning off the the Auto LFO while its sending cc10 to Retrologue it’s a good chance that the sound will be “stuck” in a undesired pan position, and there is no control knob in Retrologue’s GUI to adjust it. The work around that I have found is to add the midi plug-in MIDI Control and using this to adjust the pan position.

I’m not a Cubase user so can’t comment on Auto LFO. If the Pan position is getting “trapped” and Forget CC/manually readjusting the Pan Knob doesn’t work you might have found a Bug. We know CC#10 is setup in the Midi spec to control Pan.
Maybe someone from Steinberg will comment…this is the official Steinberg support forum correct?

EDIT: Ok I’ve worked on this issue some more and I am able to reproduce it here. Seems like Forget CC is not working.

  1. Assign CC10 to Pan Knob with Learn CC
  2. Click Forget CC
  3. CC 10 is still assigned to Pan Knob even though the Knob will not move. Seems like the CC has taken over control and does not release it.

So it looks like a cross platform bug. (I’m on WinXp SP3 ).

I’ll keep testing and report any results.

EDIT 2: Here’s an interesting twist. If I Right Click the Pan Knob and Assign CC10 then move the main volume slider on my midi controller (CC7) it gets assigned to Retrologue’s main volume even though the knob on the GUI does not move. Seems like there are some automatic assignments going on behind the GUI based on the Midi Spec that can only be unassigned by reloading the plugin.

I was having a hard time with this too. (yes, I know this thread is old, but I just got Cubase 7 and am messing around with Retrologue today) I thought for sure there must be a way to reconfigure/deconfigure this automatic assignment. But even support doesn’t have an answer for me. Although they did point out I can use the Input Transformer if I don’t want to mess with my controller’s MIDI CC output.

Like I said to support, I think adding this type of auto assignment to these two parameters would make sense if it was a piece of hardware. I think they made Retrologue a little too retro in this particular case. :wink:

I too had a lot of trouble with this, especially when playing around with AutoLFO