Pan settings not being recognized when using an effect track

I don’t get it. I sent multiple drum tracks to an effect track but now the pan settings for the drum sounds are not being recognized. The only the plugin on the effect track is a stereo SSL compressor . Why aren’t the pan settings for the drum tracks being recognized when sent to the effect track? Thanks

Is the group track mono?

sorry it’s an effect track

But is it mono?

This is a troubleshoot list (any daw and for absolute noobs) and assuming the effect track is not mono as requested above

Test is
Open track edit window
(blue ‘e’ button)

  1. Is send actually switched on and the effect track selected for destination

  2. For testing, is the send level 0 db (either post or pre fader send)

  3. Open the effect and see if its receiving signal…if not go back to 1.

Once signal is present, mono or not, check the pan send on the track edit window and make sure

You can then add the option to follow the main pan under the small drop down in the top RHS

Detailed here in the manual

Unfortunately it is a problem that has been present in Cubendo for many years. The send panner won’t follow the main one, even if it they are linked! They only follow along, when you move the main one by hand…
See this very old video I did in 2020:

Still not fixed in Cubase 13… :wink:

I really appreciate the information. I am blown away that all of this is necessary. They have over complicated this so badly. The effect channel should mimic the same exact pan settings of the channels automatically grrrr.

Yeah it’s normally default so not sure why yours isn’t…unless mine is set in template
As you develop deeper skills you will learn to appreciate the power…trust me

Eg I surround format reverb so with 1 surround panner you can mix into a complete space ie 3 blended reverbs front to back…can’t be done without massive pain in Live

It’s all about your template…when learning just set up a single channel with typical barebones and apply to every channel if it’s not default

Then as you discover each new aspect…the artistic power grows but sometimes it’s necessarily complex


vid doesnt seem to play
but for stereo sends…def works when linked from main panner…but does it make sense to drive channel pan from a send though esp when the main fader/panner is directly next to it?

I am not using a send. I am using an effect channel. I just assign output of track to an effect channel

WOW. I didn’t even know group tracks could be mono stereo. I assumed they were all stereo. MY BAD. Yes it’s mono :smiley: Oops. Can I convert it to stereo?

Not sure. You may have to just create a new one and re-route.

Can be just about anything but routing into a effect track is not always the best way although its no probs to do it that way

In 12 you cant redefine buss width ie mono
In 13 you def can for tracks so I would assume yes