Pan strange behaviour

Hi everybody,
can someone help me to understand why sometimes I get this kind of pan controls (see attached image) instead of the ‘normal’ ones?
I noticed them in two kind of situations:
a) opening older Cubase version projects than 10.5
b) importing a midi file (in this one there was a track that seemed to activate or deactivate this kind of pan controls depending on the fact that it was set to visible or not in the visibility options).
How can I turn these controls in ‘normal’ pan controls?
Thank you for helping me,

right click on the panner…
this is the surrond panner symbol, so maybe you activated a surround bus or output…

Hi steffen,
i did it but I don’t find a specific voice in the menu…
Wher could I find set the pan mode elsewher?
Thank you for answering…

What happen if you double click the panner?

It depends: if I click on tracks 1–2–3 a little windows opens similar to the ‘normal’ pan one; if I click on track 7 (hidden in previous image, see new attachment) a mixconvert 6 window opens but I never set it because I only have two monitors… Very strange!
Another odd thing is that there’a track (an instrument track) in the inspector that seems to activate a change between regular pan and surround ones depending on visibility setting… If I hide it I get regular panners if I show it I get surround…
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track 7 is a surround track? 5.1?
your picture shows to less information

I post two more pictures, hope they’re more clear; please note the difference beetween the two:
picture a) track 7 visibility “on”
picture b) track 7 visibility “off” (regular panners)
Thank you,

Track 7 is a surround track…
that switches the panners from this track to a downmix/surround panner if you route or send it anywhere
still not enough information visible… (routing, sends?)
this switches the symbols of all available panners to match the symbol of the 5.1 track

Some group track, reverbs and compressors, equalizers, nothing special…
What other kind of informations could help?

ok… long story cut short…

You were asking why the panners look like they do…
I answered you more than once: “because you are using a surround channel, bus or output somewhere”

So what exactly is your problem now?
To give you the same answer over and over makes no sense to me…

No need to get irritated…
I asked exactly because I have no surround bus, channel or output activated anywhere in the project but I get the surround panner the same… Here’s where the ‘strange’ word in my post title comes from.
Thanks anyway

on your screen shots it is shown very clear that track 7 is a 5.1 track