Pandora's box ...

what do you guys think?

excellent instrumental, really enjoyed listening to it…would be great with a song on it…Kevin

Most beautiful sounds !!! I really like the rhythm section and I listened with my headphones, sounds amazing. The choir pieces are beautiful too and I like how you used them to bring another dimension to the piece. And I see what Kevin meant in his comment, there is not much of a tune in this piece, but it’s a more theatrical piece of work.

Only thing that confused me, around 2:29 you pan the choir voices from left to right and it sounds like the choir is running across the stage.

I think TV/movie producers will love this. I really liked the dark sound at 2:01. Don’t know how you did it, but sounds just great!!


Killer mix and great sounds, would like to hear more about samples used :slight_smile: did you use Stylus?

Have to agree with Michael about the )auto( pan on Voices not sure if that works but the rest is perfect!

Yeah, the auto-pan on the choir is just overkill. It’d sound better in a standard SATB format from left to to right on the stage/recording hall; soprano, alto, tenor, bass. There’s nothing that says you can’t auto-pan choir, but I find auto-panning anything simulating real, live instruments/voice will always just sound worse than where it naturally is heard. The staccato notes on the choir at 2:28 sound very displeasing to the ear, there’s nothing you can do to make it sound better but I’d just write the part differently with those sounds to something that sounds better with the sounds you have. The best way to learn how to write it in four part is just to listen to choir stuff, solo or in an arrangement and with headphones, taking note of what positions they are placed in for each pitch/part and then incorporating it into your composition.

The bass line has a nice hook to it. I liked the combination of electronic sounds and what I would assume is a celeste. Although at times, it did feel a bit empty in a lacking way. Nice ideas, the thing to work on really is orchestration. I think I’d have really liked it to become thicker in texture as it progressed, for this kind of work anyway. Good job so far.

Yes I agree , pan is a bit of an over kill (for human chorus), and I also feel the delay snare is a bit too much, but I am glad you guys liked it. keep the feedback coming. I will do a version 2 soon…
Thanks for listening…

I use Korg Kronos and omnisphere, I don’t have the Stylus… I really love my new kronos it is simply awesome!

I use Korg Kronos and omnisphere, I don’t have the Stylus… I really love my new kronos it is simply awesome![/quote]
Man I am jealous :slight_smile: I have been dying to get the kronos if it sounds that great I might have to sell something to buy it! Did you get the 88key one, I sorta need a full key bed to do key switches but maybe the 73 is enough. Do you have the original or X version?

Sounded really good to me!

I got the 61 key version(original) , I wanted to get 88 key, but have you looked at the price, it’s absurd.