PanDrum UI no loading in SONIC HALION SE


I bought PanDrum some days ago. Downloaded, installed and registered it, when I open SONIC HALION SE, I can see the PD logo but, when clicking on it, it only gives me one sound and not the user interface I expected.

What went wrong?


Hello! I too have a similar concern. My issue is I continue to receive a script error when I attempt to change anything other than a preset (layer, hand pan, etc.). It almost seems as if it’s a trial version. Are you receiving a script error as well? I’m able to reset the script error, but I still am only able to use the few presets that are available. Thanks!

Hi Claude, I think I do not even get to that point. When I open Halion SE, I do not even have a choice of changing anything. There is only one PanDrum available that I can use.

I updated HALion Sonic to 3.4.40 last night and that resolved my issue. All hand pans and layers now available.

Did update now as well and find the UI of PANDRUM under the EDIT button. works well now!