Panel state bug: can't see lower panel

Dorico can’t show the lower panel while displaying any of the side panel. So, if I open Key editor, properties etc… any left or right panel disappear.
Rebooted the computer but the bug still there.
The problem appears in Write mode and Engrave mode.

Dorico pro 4.3.3 on Windows.

This is the behaviour that you would see in Dorico for iPad, but not in “big” Dorico on the desktop. Can you make a little screen recording showing the problem in action and attach it here?

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Sometimes, questions are like buses: another user (unless this was you?) asked about the same issue in the Facebook group earlier today.

What’s your setting for this preference? (Preferences > General > Window)

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Excellent thought, Lillie, that will be it. (I think we added that preference to the desktop version as well for portable computers with very small displays, which we internally and affectionately call “Toshivision”, after one of our testers, who always seems to draw the short straw and get the Macs with the smallest possible display size.)


All credit to user Christophe Pochon for that!


Ahaha! May be it should be kept unactivated by default.

It is indeed switched off by default on the desktop version.

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I experienced it in a different way.

OK! But I can assure you that it is certainly switched off by default.