panned echo effect

In Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” there is a guitar (panned left) that plays a driving, pulsating riff which has a delayed echo which appears panned right.

How can you create this effect in Cubase Artist?

Pan the guitar track to the left. Create an FX track and load any delay plugin you want. Use a pre-fader send on your guitar track and send it to the FX track. Pan the FX track right and profit :slight_smile:

Got it. Too cool. thanks

Aloha j,
Strophoid’s advice is ‘right on’

However since you are using Cubase (or any top DAW)
you can also achieve this effect by copying a track and slightly
shifting the copy on the time line and then panning it hard one
direction with the original track panned hard the other way.

This will produce a similar effect as the example above.


To be a bit more creative… try making two copies.

Leave the original track panned centre, then
shift copy ‘A’ slightly behind the timeline and panned right.
Then shift copy ‘B’ slightly ahead panned left
You must be very very very delicate with copy ‘B’
and turn it way down

Copy 'B’s effect should be almost ghostlike.

Spend a lil time on this and when you get the three copies
blending properly you will find the effect can be hypnotic.
Then add FX to taste.

Once you get all that goin’, try five copies in a surround 5.1 environment.

Works best with repetitive patterns.