panned tracks mono to Stereo FX-> panning sound mono

HI, when i use the option “add fx to selected tracks” and i select a L to R panned tracks like toms, on the stereo send i rise the level for a parallel compression on the FX channel this is sound mono and that’s is not fine is ruin my panning, i can fix this by the moment sending this tracks to a group channel and this channel i use the send well but is too many groups and FX channels for a simple parallel compression, i prefered a old way of panning on FX direct from source, is this can fe fixed?

Use a stereo FX track
Use the send panners. If these available in your software can be found in the manual of your software

thanks, it works, a last question, how can I link the panning from track whit sends at the beggining?, I mean all time linked panning, whit the send panning, I don´t know why is unlinked now by defect? I’m allways working whit them linked.

As always with general settings of the programm: In preferences