Panner Attenuates 3 db of volume on mono audio tracks

Hello all,

First post here, had to make an account to ask about this problem because I couldn’t find it anywhere on this forum or anywhere else on the internet!

Lemme get the details out of the way:
Desktop running Windows 10 64-bit
Steinberg UR22 interface (not the mkII)
Cubase Elements 8.0.40

Ok so my problem seems to be isolated to mono audio tracks. In short, it seems that, when the audio goes through the panner, it gets 3 dbs quieter.

Example: Lets say I have podcast vocals that are recorded pretty quiet so I put a limiter in one of the pre-fader insert slots to normalize the volume so it maxes at 0db. L1 says that it’s limiting at 0db, all’s good. But then I check the fader and it shows that it only gets as loud as -3db. Keep in mind, I haven’t touched the fader knob at all, 0db should be 0db.

Now I think it’s the panner that’s doing this because if I change the meter settings in mixConsole view to show post-fader, it’s limiting at 0db. If I change the meter settings back to post-fader, it’s -3db. Even stranger, If I pan the track hard left or hard right, the volume increases back to 0db, on only the left or right speaker!

Thanks for reading and please reply if you have an answer!

“Pan Law”