Panning a track with a FX track on send

I have a FX track with a reverb plugin, and I have a track with a Vsti on. Problem is, that if I add the FX reverb as a send on the vsti track, then the panning effect is not as strict as if used as an insert on the track directly. I did try to pan the send effect too, but the panning effect is still very tiny. How do you pan when using send effects?

Well not all reverbs are equal in the way they apply themselves. Some of them sum stereo to mono at input, others may follow send panning and others (not many) are true stereo and follow the source.

Some possible things to play with and try to get the result you are after:

  1. Send panning…if the reverb is true stereo then panning the send may be all you need - Open channel editor and under Sends switch to panning tab
  2. The stereo combined panner will give you more control of a reverb return…you can narrow the stereo field even to mono
  3. Maybe even just try a mono FX track with your reverb…you can pan with the instrument or you can pan it to opposite for more unusual effect that can create more width.

Oh…and just in case…make sure the reverb is set 100% wet.

The only way, that I can make the reverb follow the panning completely is by panning the fx track itself, which is then panning all the tracks using that send, or by inserting the reverb directly on the track. I am using revelation reverb always. I am sure of, that it is the intension to being able to pan individually with the send panning feature, but the reverb effect or some of it stays in the middle even after panning 100 L or R. So I guess, That I have to use inserts instead of FX channels. Unless I missed something?

ps.: i just tried to create a FX channel with the stock stereo delay, and other distortion plugins and used as a send and tried to pan it hard right, and here it works perfectly only sound+effect in the right side. but the reverb stays in the middle when used as send, not when it is used as an insert… maybe I should look for a different reverb plugin to test…

yes…replace Revelation with Reverance

I tried REVerance and 3rd party reverb, and still hering reverb in the left side if panning hard right when using the reverb as a send. If I use the reverb as an insert, there are no problems, only effect in the left side, when panning hard right. So I guess, that I have to use reverb effects as inserts and not as a send…

I tested Reverence yesterday and it appeared to be doing exactly what you want.

Are you sure you are panning the instrument channel AND the send panner full right?

Yes I am sure, when I do it with other effects, it works fine. When I use a reverb as an insert and pan it hard right or left I can see on the master bus, that it only sends the sound on one side and nothing on the left. But when I use a reverb as a send and pan it hard right or left, the master bus shows a signal on both left and right. If you create a FX track with a reverb, and then use the reverb as a send on a track, try to pan it hard right or left and then take a look at the master bus. Does it only show a signal on one side, or does it show a signal in both left and right? If it only shows a signal on one of the sides, it must be a problem in my Cubase.

It does of course show a signal only on one side.

Yes…not with any reverb though. With Reverence as I said.

Yes, please see this video of Reverence (tried several reverbs, same problem) please notice the master bus still showing a signal on both sides even when the send is panned hard right/left. notice when I
use the reverb as an insert how it is panned correctly on the master bus. So is this a bug?

Sorry, I was talking about panning the reverb, not the sending track.

No it is not a bug. As insert with balance panner, one side of the signal is simply muted. Whereas the send is still stereo. You can achieve the same result with a send, by balance panning the reverb return channel. Just like in real life, you also get reverberation from all sides of a room, no matter where the sound source is located.

please take a look at my video and at the screen shot from Grim. In the screen shot from Grim, the signal is only showing in the same side, as it is panned. In my video it is in both sides. Why?

please look at the screen shot, i am doing exactly the same as you, but still having signals in both right and left.

Could you upload that cpr for me to try here.

yes how do i do that? it says cpr is not allowed

Which impulses have you loaded?

You would zip it…but there is no need…in C8.5 I do get the same result as you. I’d forgotten this was in the C8 forum and was testing in C9.

So unless there is some odd preference that is set differently I’d say it’s a bug in Cubase 8.5

ahh ok but fixed in 9 then good to know thanks Grim :slight_smile:

impulses? you mean plugins? Only a FX track with reverb Reverence on, that is it. its an empty project.