Panning effect to one side - dry signal to the other?

How do u go about this? Im thinking you set up an effect send and pan that to one side and then just simply pan the dry signal to the other. The send would have to be pre-fader then right? How do u pan a send in Cubase?


With the send panner in the channel edit window in the send routing…

Lol ok…never saw a “send panner” in the CE but I’ll take a closer look when I get home.


Then you should use “customize view”

Or you could just pan the FX return! (maybe with the dual panner)

Ok this is where I get confused with send/returns.

Arent they the same thing in Cubase’s channel editor? Ive used mixing boards where its very clear…amount of send -> effect -> amount of return.

I guess the return would just be the output of the FX track (that the send is leading to)? I could just pan that then yeah?

Thanks again…sorry if dumb questions. :nerd:

It’s pretty much like a “mixing board” layout, only better.