Panning individual notes in pianoroll from Grooveagent One?

Hi! I wanted to know how to do this because I want to pan some notes with a lot of precision. However, when I select the CC10 pancontrol in the leftbelow menu and I try to pan in the pianoroll it doesnt work…any help is appreciated!


MIDI CC10 plans the whole Drum set, not dedicated drums. Some Instruments (I don’t know, if Groove Agent is the case) can set the Pan of individual drums by sending RPN or NRPN MIDI CCs.

But as a most simple solution, I would just split the Drums by Pitch (MIDI > Dissolve Part), so every single Drum sound lives on it’s own track/channel. Then you can use MIDI CC10.

Hi Martin,

Im not sure if we are talking about the same thing. I did as you said and I also understand that I now have different groove agents with one sample per piece. However, CC10 still doesnt work with Groove Agent it seems as you see in this picture, I just want the panning to work inside the pianoroll:


I think we are talking about the same (hope). You want to use MIDI CC10 to Control pan of one Drum sound only (for example the Snare) not the whole Drum set, right?

I have no old Groove Agent One installed, so I cannot try, and I’m not sure anymore, if Groove Agent receives MIDI CC10. I woukd expect it does.

Btw why do you use an old Groove Agent Ine in Cubase 8 instead of Natove Groove Agent SE 4, please?

Because Groove Agent SE 4 is another 179 euros? :stuck_out_tongue:

Groove Agent SE 4 is part of Cubase 8. Or are you not on Cubase 8?

Yes I have Cubase 8.5, but I only have Grooveagent One?

Groove Agent 4 SE is part of Cubase 8.5.

In Groove Agent 4 SE, you can Learn CC to the Pan parameter of every single Drun Sound. So then, you could do everything in one Groove Agent instance.

I can only choose Groove Agent One in my Cubase. Do you think something went wrong during installing? Would you advice me to reinstall it>?

You can install just the Groove Agent SE, and add it. Use the Full Installer. The installer will take care to add what you have not installed.