Panning instruments in Noteperformer

I have a piece for three Brass choirs, each containing 2 trumpets and 2 trombones.
I would like to place choir 1 to the left, choir 2 to the middle and choir 3 to the right.
I use noteperformer with the VSL Prime Edition playback engine.
Unfortunately, I only have one panning option for trumpets and one for trombones:

Any ideas, how to achieve this in noteperformer? Perhaps Arne @Wallander has got an idea?

If I use Noteperformer without a playback engine, I can pan each instrument individually.

Hi @HeiPet to achieve this you have to add the same instruments several times (setting then every one to One Staff) so your NP mixer will show them separately, and you can pan as desired.

And if you route (for example) the 4 trumpets, each to different outputs with the Advanced Settings of each loaded instrument in NPPE, you can also pan and mix directly in Dorico :slight_smile: :


Thank you, @Christian_R , it seems like I have to dig more into Noteperfomer Playback Engines.
Until now, it never occurred to me, that I can add the same instrument more than once. So far, I always changed the number of staves.

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