Panning Issues on 10.5 Elements

I just bought Cubase 10.5 Elements and already I have a problem and I couldn’t find any help especially in the Steinberg site and my patience is running thin. Please help me.

I just open an empty project and if I hard pan a guitar on the right I get a lower output sound while on the hard left pan works fine as it should be.
It is everything on default. The weird thing is that the EZdrummer 2 gets sounds from the right while the audio tracks are not.
My speakers work as intended, on cubase 5 i had sound from hard right pan, and when i listen to music you can hear everything from the right side.

What I tried so far:

  1. Everything on default add audio track> I choose the default option which is mono>bias fx 2. I’ve tried without bias just the direct input and the same happens.

  2. My pan law is set on equal power.

  3. I put put a stereo plugin in an insert still the same problem.

  4. I checked the stereo bus on the Mixer and it shows equal left and right when I play.

No idea what is happening.

Hi and welcome,

Did you record your guitar to a mono or stereo track?

both and they both have the same problem


Could you add a screenshot of the mono track, please? When it’s pushed to the left and to the right. How does the meter look like?

Since it is a mono track, they will look the same: a solid bar when in meter input and post fader mode.
And a solid bar only left and right when im post panner mode when panned hard left or hard right.

@OP: this is with an already recorded track, or when recording an monitoring a live signal?

yes exactly they are like you said.

i tried it by recording a guitar straight to my audio interface.

can i steinberg guy help me here?

i tried everything to submit a ticket as well but it always takes me to different pages of the site

that thing is driving me crazy.
ive deleted the busses on audio connections and made new as a solution i found in an older forum post.
still nothing. the sound that is coming from the right pan is sound thin and lower volume still.

can a staff member of Steinberg help me? The distributor does not even reply to my emails (even though I bought Cubase from the Steinberg site).


This is user forum. If you want to ask Steinberg support representative, rise support ticket, please.