Panning mono tracks int group track

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I have a simple question yet I could not find the answer by myself :

Does Cubase LE authorize the user to pan mono tracks routed to a group track so the group track is a stereo mix which keep the paning of each of its mono tracks ?

This seems to work in Cubase Artist and Pro, but does not seem to work on my Elements version. I think this is a basic feature and would be surprised it is considered as a VIP artist and pro feature only.

Thanks for any help.

Of course…it’s the same in all versions.

What are you hearing and seeing when your mono panned track is routed to a stereo group?

Routing: Yes
Sends: No
If you have no panner with track outputs routed to the group, then it is a mono group.

I do have a panner on my group track, because it is a stereo group track.

What I am hearing is all mono tracks are put at the center, and then the panning of the group will make them appear both where the panner of the group is set. I tried for hours to make it work but haven’t found.

What I would like to have typically is :

Mono Audio Track 1 (raw guitar) panned left -> output : Stereo Group Track
Mono Audio Track 2 (raw guitar) panned right -> output : Stereo Group Track
Stereo Group Track with VST insert plugin -> output : Stereo Out.

This way I could control my guitar double tracks with a single VST plugin, single eq, single reverb etc. That would be very much easier to build the sound, rather than having to duplicate everything, and would also save cpu power.

Am I missing something here ? Thanks for helping.

Did you try with no plug loaded on the group?

Yes, I have the same result. I hear both raw guitars centered, although each mono tracks is panned L and R. Are you sure this work the same on elements ?

Mine works fine…
I’m not able to try this right now but, I wonder if your original guitar mono tracks were recorded through a stereo bus? Maybe this is causing some issue?

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Actually it worked fine without a VST inserted on the group track. I randomly inserted REVerence “LA Studio” to the group. And now it sounds centered no matter where I pan the group. The (2) mono track are panned hard L & R.

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Thank you,

Maybe my ears lied to me or I thought I tried but I did’nt ? I will retry with no plugin as soon as I get home…
Anyway, is there a workaround or different method to achieve what I want within Cubase ? (I mean one vst for 2 guitar tracks), I’m starting to think this might not be possible simply because it would be like to plug two guitars in one amp at the same time, and would sound like s***. Maybe there is a way through automation to create a “slave” and a “master” plugin ?

EDIT : mono tracks are recorded with mono input :slight_smile:

Amp sims are almost certainly mono input stereo output by default so you can’t use them like this.

There may be an option somewhere for it to accept stereo input…but as you say it’s the equivalent of plugging two guitars to one amp so probably not the best idea.

Other types of FX on a group with all guitars bused to it is more common, some light compression, bus eq, console or tape emu etc.

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