Panning mono tracks

I have mono recording of guitar and piano. I want to pan the guitar to the left and the piano to the right (or the other way around :wink: ). How do I achieve this (in Cubase 6)?

I tried already some options (route mono into a stereo bus, the monoToStereo and Stereo Enhancer), but still no satisfying result.


You route the mono signals to a stereo bus, an use the panner. If you don´t get a “satisfying result” (whatever that means ?) You´re probably doing something wromg.

Are you saying you have a mono recording of guitar & a separate mono recording of piano?

If yes it’s as simple as putting each on a mono track & panning them left & right.

If you have a single mono recording of both guitar & piano then you can’t pan them differently.

Indeed, I was sure it did not work and because of your answer (and the other) I looked again and saw that my final output bus was mono :blush:

I found another solution: Just create a stereo track and place the mono track there…

you need to open up the mixer where you see all the faders, find your fader and look for single letters such as M (mute) S (solo) and you should see a c … drag the c left or right, hope this helps