Panning No Work w some VSTis? (eg. Arturia Wurli V2)

I have a track using Arturia’s ‘Wurlitzer’ VSTi. A 'real Wurli 200 is a mono instrument so I -get- that it may be a mono signal path.

However, the panner in the MixConsole does -nothing-. So I have to route its output to a stereo Group Track in order to pan L/R.

Is this -normal- for Cubase for some VSTis? I may be getting old, but I swear I’ve run into this issue before. However I can’t recalls with which plugs right now. But regardless, this doesn’t seem -right- to me/

Is this an -Arturia- issue or something about Cubase I don’t get?



No, this is not normal for VSTis. You can pan the VSTis the very same way as Audio track for example.


Wurli pans like every other VSTi here. Tested on an instrument track as well as a rack instrument.
Wurli V2 on Cubase Pro 10.5.20

OK, I -think- I may have found a bug in Cubase and I’d like some feedback.

I have very poor vision so I did not notice this. The little vertical ‘handle’ for the panner was grayed out. So the automation I had on the panning would move, but I guess since there was no ‘handle’ to move, the panning didn’t actually happen.

What I did… as an experiment, was click the little down arrow widget to the left of the panner and activated the ‘Dual Panner’ option and then switched back to the regular ‘Balance Panner’ and … ET VIOLA… the handle came back! And now that the handle is back, the panner works.

I think I recall months ago, when I first worked on this CPR I may have switched panner modes and perhaps -that- grayed out the panner? Is it -suppose- to disable the panner that way or should I report this as a bug? I wonder if it’s even repeatable?

Any thoughts?

As I wrote, I have terrible eyesight so this sort of hard to see thing was one of those -really- irritating things that should I need to be able to avoid if possible.


You can Bypass Panner. Then the Panner is grayed out. Bypass Panner button is available on the left side of the panner.

Ah hah! Why would someone want to bypass the panner?

So it does not pan obviously.

(sigh) and why would one want to do that?

Why would one want to bypass plugins or automation or EQs or sends or whatever? - To not lose the settings, but not hear what it does.