Panning not available on some tracks

In the project I’m working one, panning is only available on stereo tracks, and stereo or mono tracks included in a group track. In all my other projects, I can pan every track. Does it have something to do with group tracks? I don’t use them much. Do you need to do all your panning before adding to a group track?

For obvious reasons, panning is not available on tracks routed to mono busses.

This is another reason why I never use mono tracks for anything (but this has been discussed before). :wink:

Mono and stereo audio tracks recorded from a mono bus will have the panning function available. As soon as you output these stereo and mono audio tracks to a group channel the mono audio track will lose the panning function. The panning function will remain on the stereo audio track and the group channel will have the panning function available if it is routed to the main stereo out.

If you find it necessary to output a mono audio track to a group channel but, you still want the ability to pan the mono track separately, my recommendation would be to move the mono recording that is currently on the mono audio track to a stereo audio track then output that track to the group.

And yes, you could have originally recorded that mono source (like a guitar or mic) from a mono bus onto a stereo audio track. The recording will still be mono. And, if outputted to a group you will still be able to pan it, and it is possible that some of your stereo VST effects will sound better too.

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Man cubase so extra no simplicity at all lol