Panning of individual instruments in Groove Agent SE kit

Groove Agent SE pans individual instruments in each drumkit. Example: the hihat in the kit I am using is panned quite far left.

In the mixer, however, the hihat is at zero, (ie in the Centre), as are all the individual instruments in the kit.

This is causing me an issue, asI want the drumkit to be central and quite narrowly panned in my track. I don’t want a stray hihat out in my left ear all the time. The panning - which I can’t seem to change - doesn’t allow any sense of relative depth. It’s as if you’re always standing directly in front of the drumkit, no more than a foot away. It sounds odd when I start adding other instruments in a track which needs depth and space for other instruments.

Any ideas on how I can reduce the spread of the drumkit so that it occupies less stereo width? Imagine walking backwards away from the drumkit - I’d like the stereo width to become narrower the further away from the kit I walk.

Use the panners for the single cells…?

Thanks. That’s what’s bugging me, as each individual pad in the mixer has the panner set to central…

Insert the Mono to Stereo plugin as the first insert, select mono, then pan in the channel strip.

In what mixer? the GASE mixer, the Cubase mix console…? And you don´t want to use the panner yourself? What is it you want? Narrowly panned drums? wide panned drums? I don´t understand what exactly the problem is?

Thanks, I’ll give that a go. Very helpful.

Thanks, I think, although it’s not clear that you read my post. But v kind of you to try and engage.

It’s my default Groove Agent channel now. When auditioning I’m not interested in panning so I force everything to the centre then make the placement decision later.

Only just had the time to try this and, for this track at least, switching to mono has achieved exactly what I wanted. Thanks for the tip - very much appreciated, a very constructive suggestion.

Happy to help :slight_smile: