Panning problem upon reinstalling cubase elements 7!"

just reinstalled cubase elements 7 win64bit everything running smoothly apart from the panning editor in the tracks!
When i pan to the left the music still plays through the centre and the same thing happens when i pan to the right.
I have just installed the cubase7 elements update and still no change. “Very strange!” Anybody have any suggestions? :confused:

check your interface settings

thanks but where do i find interface stettings?

On your interface or its software.

i have checked the sound interface settings on my laptop and within cubase everything seems to be fine.


meaning the panning still not working.
Does anybody know how I can fix this?

A couple of thoughts…

If the panner slider looks slightly gray in color you may have accidentally activated the “Bypass Panner” function. If activated, the slider can be moved left or right but the sound will not pan. In CB8 this function can be turned on/off by hovering your mouse near the panner on the Mixconsole. Two buttons will appear. the left one is the “Bypass Panner” button. Hopefully similar in CB7.


If the Mixconsole meters don’t change when you pan it but the actual sound does pan you may have changed the Mixconsole Global Meter Settings to “Input” or “Post Fader”. Again, this would cause the meters to show no panning but you would be able to hear the sound pan from left to right at your monitors or headphone when you pan it. To correct this the meters should be set to " Post Panner". In CB8 the “Global Meter Settings” menu is accessed by pressing the down arrow button that is near the upper right of the Mixconsole. Again, hopefully it is similar in CB7.


Maybe you have a few pan automation track(s) locked at a certain pan position.


Check the CB7 VST Connections menu (output bus tab) to make sure the output bus is set to stereo. Maybe is somehow was changed.

Good luck… :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Wow! Thanks for the information, that all makes sense now, I will try all of these things and let you know how I get on. this steinberg forum is great. :slight_smile:

Hi prock, still no joy with the panning.
-the bypass function on the panning is fine.
-the stereo output in vst connections is fine and i tried the other things that you mentioned, i have even checked my laptop stereo outputs for headphone stereo and microphone settings everything is fine, can’t explain this mystery.
The panning is such a simple editing function that worked fine with my previous laptop before the hard drive crashed.

i will keep trying :frowning:

thanks anyway