Panning resets to Center when selecting track

I am running Artist 9.5 and I’ve recently run across an issue where if I pan a track anywhere but C, then select another track then go back to the original track it resets the panning on the first track to C. It does this on every project that I open and even empty projects which leads me to believe there is some global setting that somehow got mistakenly ticked somewhere but I can’t see anywhere in preferences or in the manual anywhere. I’ve tried resetting my interface, an RME Fireface 802, and reset my computer but neither helped. I didn’t see anyone else with a similar problem on the forum, so I’m hoping it’s some simple fix that I’m not aware of.


I updated to 9.5.5 and it fixed my issue, but still a weird thing that would be nice to know exactly why it was happening should it happen again in the future.