Panning - Swap L/R around in the mixer?


I’ve recently realised that the L/R in the panning is not the same as where my speakers are - my speakers are behind me (I know that’s not ideal) and, for example, if I were to pan something hard right and then change the balance on my amp all the way to the right, the sound would be mute. Is there any way to graphically change in the mixer which side is moving to which? I can remember that panning L will actually sound like panning R, but it could become confusing

or I could be being an idiot :stuck_out_tongue:

help appreciated thanks

EDIT: Just read through this and it’s extremely confusing, forgive me I just had an english exam I used all my language skills on that :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s when I am facing my speakers that the L/R is the wrong way round. It may just be a problem with how the speakers are plugged in to the amp.

The first thing you should check is that all lefts are left and all rights are right… right !

Then if you want to swap left and right round for backward monitoring!!! then just swap the speakers round.

It’s all a bit backwards :laughing:

no your not ,experience takes years but split is right swop right for left and keep facing forward not backwards otherwise you’ll end up in a right pickle :laughing: :laughing:

Yeah my “monitors” (they’re actually a pair of Tannoy Mercury M3s I got from a friend of my Dad’s for free :p) are standing behind me so I have to turn around for accurate monitoring :p. So I can just swap them round in the amp, yes?

Thanks, this forum is really helpful I get good advice pretty quickly :slight_smile:

As long a left is left and right is right, all the way through the system, then yes.

Record (or download) a test signal of you saying “Left Channel” and “Right Channel”.
Load up “Left Channel”, pan it left in your mixer, and adjust the amp>speaker wiring accordingly.
Retest with “Right Channel”.