Panning the metronome?

Hi - I looked around, the only way I found to pan the metronome (so someone can have a click track only in one ear, for example) is to record to audio and pan that audio track … just to confirm, is there an easier way to pan the click track?

For now I’m loading up a drum VSTi and using the control room to pan it over to one ear, but if there is an easier way, please fill me in :slight_smile:

Thanks -

in the control room you can pan the click

I didn’t know the Cubase click could be panned…

Whatever floats one’s own boat, but I personally find a click annoying, ear-drum piercing & unmusical. Using a drum VSTi is easy enough, and you could choose any particular element within the drum kit to use as a much more desirable click track…a wood block, hi-hat … or even a cow bell!

I agree about the click being virtually intolerable, so I’m looking to pan the audio drum hits I’ve pointed the metronome to. Will make the project much simpler than what I’m doing now, which is running a drum VSTi and panning it via the Cue Sends.

Will look again for pan control of the metronome on the control room, must have missed it, hopefully it refers to the full metronome function (including audio), not just the default click sound.

full metronome function, whats that ? i didnt know the click could be pimped up. im not at cubase at the minute so…

click, comes in handy when using the time warp tool

At the bottom right of the metronome set up, you can point it to .wav files for the “clicks”. So like I think someone said higher up, you can pick a snare and a stick hit, cowbell, or whatever. Didn’t mean to get you too excited about “pimping up the metronome”, but I do like those “organic” sounds a lot better (even if they are synth’d drum hits!).

i personally dont mind the sound of the click ,its annoying enough to recognize through most sounds and does it`s job .

I’ve never used a time warp tool, but yeah the click comes in handy for certain things. I used it recently to align two machines, until the ‘flange’ sound diminished. For tracking audio parts, I just prefer a drum beat to follow, so I put a bar or so, then copy it for several bars and have a nice temporary groove to follow.

Again this is something I did no know…when I said use a sound to follow, I meant from a midi track through a drum VSTi… but to point the actual metronome to a .wav? Interesting :nerd: Is this pre-set .wav’s from within Cubase? Or can you point it to any .wav file you have on your computer?

Any .wav. I recorded some drum hits from my Motif synth and pointed the metronome to them. But you could put squealing pigs and lizards if you like :open_mouth: , as long as they are .wav!