Panning with mousewheel: audio and midi reversed!

I mostly make pan settings with the mousewheel, for step by step changes.
With miditracks: mousewheel down = pan goes left; mousewheel up = pan goes right.
With audio and instrument tracks: reversed ! :open_mouth:
It happens in the mixer and in Inspector.
Am I the only one having trouble with this ? :unamused:

Is panorama a plugin?

No I simply mean pan settings: how much to the left or right in stereo. Pan is short for panorama. Maybe I should rename the title of this topic ?

Yes, it works the way you descibe here also, it is reversed for midi tracks from audio tracks.
Wavearts makes a plugin called Panorama 5.

Ah, thanks. I couldn’t imagine I’m the only one thinking this is uneasy to work with.

Yes they reversed it in C5!!!
A completely pointless change, IMO

I wonder if they intended to change it, or that it happened by accident with the reprogramming, and is a bug ?
I remember with one update the scroll bar a the right of the project window went up with mousewheel down and vice versa, and with the next update it was fixed again (C5.0 to 5.1 ?) …?
Or it was the zoomhandle, I don’t remember exactly.