I use cubase 5.5 When I pan left or right it still comes out of both speakers. went to the manual went to preference but nothing in there about the pan I use a presonus interface.Can anyone help?

How are you panning? Using the mixer?

Set up your connections correctly, set up your interface - which you don´t mention - correctly

Make sure your stereo output or monitor amp is not in a mono mode. You can look at your stereo output level and see if your panning affects the left/right display. If it does, the problem is post Cubase. If it doesn’t, check the output routing coming from the track that you are trying to pan. Are you routing from the initial track to a group track or some other plugin before it reaches the final output? You may be routed to a mono plugin which would nullify pre-panning.

I have tried both ways the mixer and the individual track

as far as I can tell it’s all set up correctly and I did mention my interface it’s persons

I might would give it a shot by plugging your headphones into the computer, and see if pan is really not working, or something’s setup wrong with your interface. Also, does the mixer indicate that you are panning by the audio levels?

My output is stereo my monitors are hooked up to my interface which is a presonus interface I assume it’s stereo.The panning is effecting the main output when I pan left the right side meter shows no volume but comes out of both sides and the same when I pan right the left side meter shows no volume but still coming out both speakers.Sorry I new at this.SO now what?

Plug headphones in my comp here no sound at all.Mixer indicates panning by the audio meter levels

You’re going to have to unplug your interface, setup your driver (Duplex or ASIO4ALL), VSTConnections, and track inspector, until you have sound. If the panning IS audible this way, this is no longer a Cubase related problem, so I would recommend you stop by here ( for more interface-specific assistance. We can tell by the mixer levels that Cubase is doing it’s job, you’ve hooked your outputs up incorrectly it seems. Any mono buttons on your interface, make sure they’re off. Even in the CI series forums, this is seeming to be a common problem. :confused:

As far as I can tell, if you set up everything correctly, it will work correctly. If it doesn´t, most likely something is not set up correctly. And Presonus is the manufaturere of your interface, and they do not only build one single interface, but several…

In other words, if you could give us the exact model of your interface, we could investigate this a little more, and find out some essential specs necessary to solve this problem.

I don’t have the full version so just asking, could this be a control room issue? If not, the problem would seem post Cubase as the final output levels are indicating panning movement.

I have a PRESONUS Firestudio project 24-bit/96k interface with 8 mic preamps

I have a Presonus Firestudio Project firewire interface. 24-bit/96 with 8 mic preamps

I got it working had to go into my Presonus Firecontrol and set one DAW 1 fader L and DAW2 fader R thanks everyone for your help

I have the same problem only with Focusrite Saffire Pro40 interface. I lose the panning in a project. The meters still show it’s panning but there is still signal to both speakers.

I have audio tracks(Mono) to Stereo Out Buss.

The problem happens no matter how I have The Saffire setup.

I still had to correct it in Cubase 5.5 in the VST Connections window by “Removing” both the Input and Output busses
and then creating new ones and that seemed to fix the panning to the monitors.

This has happened several times in projects. I would create a New Project and move the files to it and had no panning problems.

I don’t know why it does it or if I am doing something wrong, but it seems to be a “Cubase” problem if you’re having the same problem with a PreSonus interface.

I have exactly the same problem with my Saffire Pro 24 DSP. I have to keep resetting to manufacturers’ defaults as it gets its knickers in a twist. But once that’s done, it seems to work, except panned mono channels come out centred, though they are visibly panned in Cubase Essential 5 in the channel window.

OK, I think I may have a solution. The Cubase Mastering template includes a VST Dynamics Plug-in and a Stereo Enhancer. These are switched on by default but may not actually appear on the screen - they do not appear under Inserts. If the Stereo Enhancer is turned on, it overrides any panning automation, as far as I can see.

hi guys, i have a alesis io2 interface set up with cubase le 4, when i pan my guitar to the left, the volume of the track is normal but when i pan it right there is no sound and the volume decreases, this happens with my headphones and speakers
help much appreciated