After Microsoft auto-update, I lost my project page, but reloaded that. Now when I pan left, I get no sound. Meters are showing sound, but no audible. Help

Reconfigure your connections

I have 99 dollars in a Studio One program, that has not given me a single issue. I have well over 700 in Cubase not to mention the new computer I had to buy because the minimum requirements were wrong. This program has been one issue after another. It is the biggest pile of dung. It’s even worse when the help desk person can’t even help you. I have steered so many people away from this program


Great, now you just need to find a program you can understand yourself…

It is really not difficult, it is a Cubase-thing. Press f4 and connect to your monitors. That should do the trick.
If not, please give more details about what you have tried so far.

Since my computer is not internet-connected, I have no idea, and since I was thinking of having my new computer connected to the internet when I buy it, I have to ask …

No one seems surprised or took exception to the statement that the problem happened after a Microsoft auto-update. So how unusual is it that some automated internet activity results in waking up to find Cubase isn’t exactly in the state you left it when you went to bed?

I’d heard that connecting DAW computers to the internet was OK now, but I’d be just fine not doing that to save having to deal with problems like the OP described.

Thanks for any thoughts -

Me completely offline…

+1 except when trying VST Connect several times (it worked) then off again.

I’ve always been connected with my DAW for the last, say, two years and never encountered a problem. I do forbid all software (except Windows) to automatically update - like anything Adobe, Java etc. Windows 7 leaves many updates optional anyway, like someone said earlier. BTW, the actual reason to be connected is that I use a NAS for file storage.