Panorama P1 does not seem to work with

My panorama P1 does not seem to work with 11.0.30. Anyone else having the same issue?

This happened to me. It was fine and then - the only thing I can do with it is set it up as a MIDI controller. “Internal” is the only mode button that works. In Studio Setup in Cubase the P1 appears in the device list but cannot be added. I went through several rounds with Nektar support (uninstall, reinstall, etc etc), and they were helpful and responsive, but no solutions.

Sorry for a deley in replying. I did indeed get the P1 working. However, I am not sure that I can remember exactly what I did to get things going again. I know that I reinstalled the P1 software and checked that the Midi Port setup was correct.

This is my connection. Make sure you use Midi in 4

Hope this helps?

@silhouette AHA! With the recent Cubase update 12.0.52 my Panorama P1 is suddenly back! Apparently there was a problem with MIDI controller handling. I am amazed that this has been fixed! Thanks (finally) Steinberg!

Excellent. It is so frustrating when something you rely upon stops working properly.

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