Paragraph Styles (save as default)

I saved some new paragraph styles as default in one project, and I needed to use them in a new project. They don’t appear, so I went back to the first project and tried again. I notice that the ‘save as default’ star goes black when I click on it, but goes empty as soon as I choose another style from the same menu. Does that mean that they’re not being saved, and what can I do to ensure that they are? And/or do I need actually to ‘import’ them into any new project, and, if so, how?
Apologies, by the way, for my slew of queries currently - I didn’t know how many are those things that I don’t know.

There’s a known glitch here. You need to turn some switches on and off, or change some value within the paragraph style in order that it displays an asterisk in the list on the left. The asterisk shows that Dorico recognises that some change has been made. Only once it appears will the Star button work correctly.

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Wow, thanks! That’s extremely helpful.