Parallel Compression Phase Issues. Advice, Please.

Hi all!

Been working with drums lately and during my most recent mixing session (in Cubase 9.5) I noticed the drums thin out a bit when using parallel compression. Just a quick fyi, I have been recording and mixing for a long time and know how to properly set up a parallel compressor fx send, etc.

I started reading up online and discovered some plugins have inherent latency that make them unsuitable as an fx send - especially for transient heavy audio.

The plugin I use for parallel drum compression is the Waves CLA 1176 with the ‘‘all buttons in’’ option engaged.

Cubase has a function called ‘‘Constrain Delay Compensation,’’ which will turn off plugins that have latency higher than the threshold you manually set.

That is all well and dandy but it still does not solve my problem…

Anyone else out there experience this parallel compression phase issue in their daw of choice, and if so, what did you do as a workaround?

As always, happy to hear from any of you out there!


Cubase has integrated automatic plug-in delay compensation. So all plug-ins delay is compensated by Cubase. In Cubase 10 you can even see the channel delay (sum of all plug-ins delay on the channel).

So I don’t expect the issue is in the plug-in delay compensation.