Parallel compression

Hello is there an easy way to add a separate buss for heavy compression? But still keeping my dry signal easily accessible. I have tried a number of ways, but I must be missing something really easy all I want is a duplicate track ( say as a drum group) which I can add compression to then mix in with my original drum sound. But keeping them both separate? Any help gratefully received :question:

There are several ways, it all depends once again on the used software… :unamused:

Cuba’s pro 9.5

Cubase sorry

You can use the Maximizer. It has a “Mix” parameter that you can essentially do the same thing with. I do the vintage comp with like 1db GR, the infected mushroom for master limiter, and then to add extra loudness, I put the maximizer on like 20% and then the mix on like 30%. works very well that way.

I could NOT see where you can add another stereo bus out in Cubase Artist 10.5