Parallel Licence to USB no longer works

Both I and another user highlighted problems on the old forum with trying to install the older Syncrosoft Licenser (Version, the last which supports both USB and parallel dongles) when a more recent version of the elicencer was previously installed. No response from Steinberg :cry:

So I’ve spent a bit of time rebuilding a older machine from scratch to try to transfer my parallel dongle to USB. I’ve got Version of the elicenser installed and it now recognises both VST5/32 parallel and empty USB dongle. But when I try to transfer from parallel to USB, it goes to the internet, and the response is that my current elicencer software is too old to do this, and I should upgrade to a newer version. :imp:

So Solution 3 in the locked post How to use Cubase VST 5 on a computer without printer port ( DOES NOT WORK.

Back to you Steinberg Support :question: - please sort it out!

I have just posted a reply to this topic which I’ll repost here:
"The very old dongle drivers that came with Cubase VST supported the parallel port only. When we introduced the USB-eLicensers and the License Control Center there was a LPT port driver and a USB driver installed. The last version of the old License Control Center to support the LPT port was 5.0.x. All later versions and the License Control Center successor eLicenser Control Center do not support the LPT port at all. Installing a newer License Control Center or eLicenser Control Center together with e.g. WaveLab 6 might affect the LPT port driver.
In addition to that, we completely disabled the support for the old License Control Center maybe two weeks ago. It is not possible anymore to use it to transfer or download licenses - which would be needed to transfer the LPT port license to a USB-eLicenser.
If you need to have the old Cubase license on a USB-eLicenser, please send us the old blue parallel port dongle. Once we have received it, we’ll provide you with an activation code for your Cubase VST you can use to download a license to the USB-eLicenser.

BTW Syncrosoft is still exisiting but operates in a different area now. Everything related to the old License Control Center, the eLicenser Control Center and the copy protection in general belongs to Steinberg now. So it is not Steinberg and Syncrosoft anymore :wink:"

This is basically the new third solution. Thank you for pointing me at the now incorrect Solution number 3!

I found your post I have an older version cubase vst 3.6 the software does not recognize the parallel port dongle anymore. Is there any way to get a electronics person to repair this thing. I just need to get the program up long enough to transfer my old song files. Or does any one know where I can buy a old parallel port dongle for cubase 3.6?? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

All Cubase versions prior to 5.0 cannot be used on a USB-eLicenser and we cannot repair an old dongle. Sorry!

Having been forced to spend £20 on a USB dongle, and quite a few hours putting a suitable machine together to do the promised licence transfer, I found that I would need to spend almost as much again to send the parallel dongle back to Steinberg in Germany by registered post. And that was where I gave up.

But if you find this old thread while searching, go back to the sticky about parallel port dongles at the top of this forum. It seems that Steinberg will now accept a photo of a destroyed dongle, rather than expecting you to send your dongle back to them.

is there any way to achieve this in 2019?
ie to transfer my cubase 5 VST/32 license from a parallel dongle to my elicenser?

Perhaps exactly as before, but check with Steinberg first before you take a hammer to the parallel dongle. See Solution 3 on this
this page.