Parallel Processing

I’m wondering which method is best for parallel processing tracks in Cubase. I used to use FX sends for parallel compression, etc. But I recently discovered Direct Routing with Summing Mode On. Not sure which method is best. Are there any advantages/disadvantages for these methods I might not be aware of?


The advantage and advantage (at the same time) of Direct Routing is, you cannot control the Volume and Pan of it. So if you mix the dry signal with the compressed signal, it could be a bit more tricky. At the other hand by one fader (the source Audio track) you control the volume of both then.

I would say it depends on your working style.

Another way, that many don’t think of, is simply doublicating the track.
Then compress, distort and eq the track and fade it in to taste.
It is often easier to handle, but require a finished track to doublicate.
Works great for vocal tracks.

Well that gets my Duhh award for the day. Simple, easy and obvious if the metaphor of a physical mixer hadn’t made it nearly impossible for me to see.