Parallel VST plugin processing with mix control?

Hello peeps,

A quickie:

Is there an easy way to set up parallel VST plugin processing in Cubase 8.5?

In Ableton it’s exceedingly easy to do via an FX rack, but in Cubase i can find no simple (built in) way of doing it.

Obviously i could mess around with multing via busses etc., or use a plugin like Metaplugin from DDMF, but why on earth isn’t there a simple, built in way of doing it? I just mean a mix control between original & VST plugin? Or perhaps there is?!

Thanks! …J


You can use Generic Remote Device and assign one MIDI Message to the multiple (dedicated) parameters.

Thanks but i think you’ve answered the wrong thread??!! My question has nothing to do with midi!!

Oh I see, I got it now, sorry.

Then the only one way, I could imagine, is to use Sends and FX Channels.

Ah, ok, thanks!

no simple way, the most ‘streamlined’ course of action at the moment are the metaplugin-like VST-hosting chainer plugins. (bidule if you prefer to go really deep.) steinberg is stuck in the 90s in this regard, but i have a feeling it should be coming given everyone else on the market has implemented similar features by now.

Unfortunately not built into the insert area. Some plugin manufacturers have mix controls but most often not. The way I do is to set up a second Group channel and use a send (in pre or post depending on what you want) to the Parallelg group. But your desired plugins on that parallel and mix the volume as desired.

Thanks guys. I’m coming from Ableton so i’m really missing the flexibility that Live offers with regard to plugin handling.

But, frankly, in every other way, Cubase kills Ableton. I’m finished with Live except for serious sound design plugin mangling, but for actually putting a whole song together, Cubase kills.

indeed, arranging in ableton in the traditional linear fashion is not too friendly a task.

you can use the Direct routing as well instead of sends…(but its only post fader unfortunately,wish there was option to pre/post) and you still need to use groups etc…

Thanks all…we just need a handy little FX rack à la Ableton Live and then we’ll be all set!