Parent Paragraph Styles

How can I get changes to the Parent Paragraph Styles field to stick?

Whatever changes I make (select a different Parent Style, click OK, close menu) never take hold. If I reopen the Paragraph Styles menu things are back where they were originally.

Yes, you’re right: I think it’s a bug.

Yes, indeed a small bug; provided you also make another change to the style you should find that the change is correctly saved. We’ll make sure this gets fixed.

Thanks Ben, thanks Daniel - and thanks for the workaround.

Coming back on this - the workaround does work, but it requires Dorico to be closed and reopened for the changes to available to be used elsewhere. For example, any changes made to Master Pages or Flow headings still use the old Paragraph styles until the next time Dorico is reopened. It’s not a problem because the whole thing is a workaround but I thought it best to mention it.

However, I am seeing another problem which, as far as I know, I’ve only seen since 3.5. If I’m editing master pages and I click on a token - for example to assign it to another Paragraph style - the token, and by consequence the area in which editing takes place, moves signfiicantly over to one side and sometimes out of view completely. I’m attaching an example. It doesn’t always happen but I’m finding it happens the majority of the time.

Apologies for all the posts on Styles and Master Pages - I’ve finally got around to setting up a few templates.

This behaviour isn’t new, I’m afraid. It can occur, though frustratingly it’s hard to reproduce, when the zoom level at which the master page editor is different than the zoom level you were at when editing the score normally. Try changing the zoom level yourself after the master page editor opens, and hopefully this won’t occur.

I’ve noticed this, too, and the pattern is a strange one. In my case it’s determined by which computer I’m using. On the MacBookPro it never seems to happen but on the MacPro it always happens, even when I open the same file on both computers. Changing the zoom level (even before opening the master page editor) does prevent it happening on the MacPro.