Parenthesis around rests

How can I add parenthesis to a rest?

Penderecki uses parenthesis around rests in “Als Jakob erwachte…” to show the end of a glissando at a specific place in the measure. I need to do the same thing for the same reason.


A custom playing technique is probably your quickest solution here.

Thanks! Playing techniques display above the staff. How do I override this default so the parenthesis are around the rest instead of above the staff?

You’ll need to just move them manually in Engrave Mode (assuming you have Pro).

It’s a workaround, so you’ll need to drag them down in Engrave mode. Depending on what’s surrounding these bars you may have less to contend with, vertical spacing wise, if you flip them below the staff. For that matter, you may find that simply using Shift-X text, then unticking its “Avoid Collisions” property, gives you less to do.

Seems like I also have to re-drag the parenthesis in each layout: once in the score and once in the part. Is there a way to consolidate this so when I fix it in the score, the parts conform to the score? Also, the parenthesis remain above the staff in Write mode even after I fix it in Engrave mode - is there a way to make Write mode show the edits made in Engrave mode?

As long as the property switch is set to global (top right edge of the properties panel), the dragging should happen in all layouts. That said, depending on how the spacing differs between layouts, what works for one layout may not be perfect for the other layout. This is where setting that switch to Local comes in handy.

Edit > Propagate Properties does almost the same thing - it copies the offsets from one layout to other layouts; however this is a simple copy/paste, so Local changes after you’ve propagated properties will still only affect the layout that’s actually in front of you.

As to Write mode, Galley View will not reflect the things you’ve dragged in Engrave mode, but Page View should.

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Hi everyone! Is there a better way of doing this in the new versions?

Sadly, not yet. You can use [custom] playing techniques or floating text.

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Ok, thank you very much!!

Any news?

I don’t think it’s possible, but you could alternatively create a distinct notehead set with the rest glyphs in parentheses as noteheads and hide the stem.

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