Parenthesised trill notes.

Thank you, I appreciate.

In Finale, there is an option to disallow spacing for a certain layer/voice.
Is that possible in Dorico?

In that case, the spacing of the secondary layer (where trill notes are positioned, let us say voice4) doesn’t affect spacing, nor the spacing is calculated from it. The trill notes are entered as regular notes, with removed stem, scaled down and moved to the right. With a shortcut, that can be achieved with a keystroke.

It shouldn’t. I was a bit elliptical, I admit, but I meant displacing their individual voice horizontal offset and not the whole column. They would be in the same column as the principal note and, as such, their distance should pretty much be consistent. In my screenshot, they seem somewhat aligned with the second part of the beat only because I’m allowing space for the parenthesis, but the notes are very much in position 1.

Hmm… I might indeed need to retract my words.

Now, I’m almost certain I did exactly as you describe, but there was still an ever so slight amount of space change when adding additional notes in the other staff. The bigger issue though was that the parentheses didn’t move to the same position relative to the noteheads. I suppose that might turn out different for people depending on where they attach the shift-x text to. I’m not near a computer to fiddle around with it and test things out though.

Nonetheless, if it works it works :smiley:

Good, thank you.


is there a plan to add this functionality (or at least only parenthesised notes) in any incremental update 2.x or will the wait be longer?


I can’t say for sure, at this stage.