Parenthesized notes

Hi community,
Is it possible to parenthesize single noteheads?
Or text tool again…?

Go into Engrave mode.
Then Engrave > Notehead Sets.
Build yourself a new notehead set, then add brackets to the default notehead.
Once you’ve done that it’s just a case of right-clicking on the noteheads you want to bracket and clicking Notehead > Bracketed (or whatever you’ve called your notehead set) from the context menu.

Hi pianoleo and community,
using noteheads works perfect for single notes. In my case the notehead should be attached to a chord (trumpet player’s high end note :wink: ). It looks like this:
Notehead wrong position.JPG

  • but that’s obviously not how I want it to look (the stem should go to the note and not the bracket). It seems like the stem attachments are ignored if there are different notehead types in the same chord, because as soon as I delete the unbracketed upper note everything looks fine. It also looks fine, if I change to upper notehead to my “bracketed” notehead set, too.

Any ideas to get this right? Is this behaviour intended or a bug?

Thanks for your help!

PS: Notes in parenthesis are not that uncommon, are they? How about adding a standard articulation for this (could even quite logically be interpreted as “don’t play in play mode”)?

Full implementation of parenthesized notes is coming. In the meantime, you might do better in this case by adding the marks using a text popover and dragging them into place.

You’ll need to turn off collision avoidance for that text item.

As you’ve already got your special notehead, couldn’t you use two downstem voices to fake the chord?

In a chord the noteheads can be in several different places, not just on the correct side of the stem. Dorico doesn’t know how to do that for parenthesized notes, and just creating a new notehead doesn’t give enough information about how to do it anyway.

I expect when parenthesized notes are an option in Dorico, all those things will “work” - and larger parentheses round groups of note heads as well.

Thanks for your fast and kind replies!
I’m looking forward to a real Dorico-like implementation.

Yes, I can fake it in several ways (text, voices), but these fakes are always clumsy… anyways nice to know that I did not miss anything but it’s really intended to be that way (at the moment). I don’t understand though why Dorico now does not just take the left/right connection points (I duplicated the standard notehead so there are even some more) or even the origin of the notehead design if it does not find the fitting connection point. The way it is now, it isn’t even possible to correct the display if it is wrong (as in my case) since I cannot manipulate the position of a notehead on it’s own, can I?

The workround is to make a text item for the parentheses, as somebody said in an earlier post.

See Daniel’s comments in this thread:*#p805417

Until the real thing comes, I often use cue sized notes in this kind of situation.