Parenthesized trill accidentals

Is it possible to parenthesize the accidental or accidentals used for an ornament? (Other than using text or a Playing Technique.)

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I’d love a property for that (editorial content).

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Personally I use cue size as for embellishments and something else…
I find this cleaner: too many parenthesis are quite distracting, in my opinion…

@MarcLarcher I’m assuming then that it isn’t possible yet. Thank you for supporting this as a request.

@Alberto_Maria I have my ornament accidentals at 5/8 size. If I make the editorial ones even smaller, they might be too small to read easily?

Probably yes John! I start from normal size, so cue size is OK, while grace size is too small, even if it’s clearer. You can experiment with different scales…

I requested this like 5 years ago, like in the D1/D2 days, as a general "it should be possible to parathesize anything “texty”. Hasn’t happened yet. (And while we’re at it, all such things should have an erase background property too).


+1 and if a revision is made perhaps it could be made so that the ( ) could be formatted separately. I find the ( ) for e.g. bracket noteheads too “small” and “weak”. It would be good to have full formatting control, like a font style, where font family, size, weight, horizontal compression/condensing etc. could be defined.

There are many engraving options for bracketed noteheads on (you’ll never guess…) the Bracketed Noteheads page of the Engraving Options dialog.

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