parsing failed?

One xml would not import and gave the message parsing failed?
Can somebody explain what this means and if there might be a remedy?

I means the XML file has a fairly “low level” error and the format of the data doesn’t make sense. Common reasons are that it isn’t a MusicXML file at all, or the file got corrupted somehow, for example the end of the file is missing.

If you attach the file (make it into a .zip) somebody might be able to tell you what is wrong with it.

It is an xml-file from Sib 7. I created it again but still got the same error trying to import it. Same also when saving in earlier Sibelius versions.
However I can import the xml back into Sibelius without problem. Before sending it in, does this error messagemake sense?
FATAL ERROR - PCDATA invalid Char value 12
At line 184977 of /Users/bengtberger/BMF Dropbox/Bengt Berger/bengtberger/Musik/Alla Mina Låtar/Medea/Sibelius/03 Kolchis/03c Kolchis_Sib3.xml

PCDATA means “parsed character data” (i.e. some sort of character string) in the MusicXML specification.

“Character 12” is the ASCII character code for a new page.

So I guess that somehow, you copied and pasted some text into your Sibelius file that was formatted instead of plain text, and it included a page break character which Dorico doesn’t know how to handle.

I guess Sibelius can read the file because it doesn’t bother to check for invalid data!

You could try opening the xml file with a text editor and looking at line 184977 to find where the problem is.

Thank you Rob, I saw your post when I had just solved it! Perhaps somebody can learn from my experience:
It was a 300 bar piece for orchestra, I tried to export a few pages at a time and it worked fine to import them into Dorico. Until I came to the very last page and yes, there was a frame with text so I thought I’d try to clear that and then it worked. So you are right, something was in that text. When I removed it I could export and import the whole piece without any problem. Typically the culprit was in the very last bar!! <:-)