Parsing Incoming MIDI Sysex Messages

I am attempting to make a MIDI Device Panel for an outboard effect unit. All of its parameters are modified through the transmission of sysex messages. I’m currently able to modify the parameters (sending a value to the unit). The external unit is also able to easily transmit the sysex properly, but is there anyway to parse the sysex responses from the unit in a meaningful way?

In my case, I am working with the Roger Linn Adrenalinn III. It maintains 64-bytes of memory which store the preset data (in a specific structure). Parameters are changed individually by addressing a byte and indicating a new value for that byte (the data structure is defined in the device manual). However, there does not appear to be a reverse-function which requests the value of a single addressed byte. Rather, the entire 64-byte data structure needs to be requested (using a “request” sysex). The unit responds to this request with the full data structure, which is well defined. I would like to be able to use this data in a meaningful way (e.g., polling the unit’s current preset buffer and applying the values to the panel faders).

Does anyone know if this is currently possible? Specifically, parsing certain received sysex bytes to variables which will update the panel sliders/knobs?